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Welcome to the World Visionary Summit!

Psychic Mediums Share their Secrets to Connecting with the Other Side

Get Ready to Hear from more than 20 of the World’s Most Respected Psychic Mediums
In this premiere FREE Summit – the first of its kind anywhere in the World brought to you by

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If you are ready to step into a new experience of connection, faith and love -
you’ve come to the right place

Dear Friend,

Imagine Knowing:

  • That Your Loved Ones are With YOU
  • That You are NEVER Alone
  • That you have angels and guides ready to assist you at any moment
  • You are continually being given signs and messages of love and light

You are a powerful co-creator of your life, your community and the world.

Now is your chance to know, really know, your eternal nature.
By being part of this this collective global event, you will help ignite the universal heart
and spread grace, love and peace throughout the planet.

You will experience 26 Incredible Speakers, PLUS some amazing bonus gifts - ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE

Psychic Mediums on CBS Radio’s A Moment of Change!
Listen in as Cathleen O’Connor talks with Michelle Whitedove, Deborah Hanlon and Barbara Saint John about mediumship and the summit. These three wonderful mediums give just a taste of the personal stories, spiritual journeys, amazing experiences and deep wisdom that all of the psychic mediums share in their interviews.

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After You’ve Listened in – Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to learn how to reunite with your loved ones and actually communicate with them?
  • Is there unresolved healing with a loved one in spirit that you’d like to receive guidance on?
  • Would you like to discover specific ways to awaken your psychic gifts and receive messages of love from your loved ones, guides and angels every day?
  • Does your child see fairies, orbs, and angels? Do you?
  • Do you have dreams about people who have passed into spirit?

If you said YES to any of these questions, you’re going to LOVE this wonderful FREE World Visionary Summit: Psychic Mediums Share Their SECRETS to Connecting With the Other Side

With this shift in awareness, we need powerful mentors – Divine Communicators who are living and teaching this new way of BEING.

Each presenter in this program “walks their talk” – they live each day connected to divine energy, guidance and support – and each one, an expert in their field, is the perfect person to guide you to do the same. And each has a very special bonus gift to give you just for participating and listening to their session! That’s 26 amazing sessions and 26 wonderful bonus gifts!

Join us November 12 through November 16th and find out . . . .

How to set up sacred space in your home to facilitate meditation and divine connection
What the greatest gift is that you can offer to your loved ones in spirit
How to tell if your child has an active imagination or is having psychic experiences . . . and how to help them develop
What happens when we die
What you can do to develop your own power of intuition and spiritual connection
What it is your loved ones on the other side most want you to know

Just for Joining Us You Receive this special gift that you can use now to develop your own intuitive gifts and know how to access Divine guidance in your own life.

As our thank you we have our instantly downloadable 40-page E-Book:
The Psychic Toolkit: Learning Your Psychic Energy Anatomy It is a perfect support to the summit as you will hear, over and over again, descriptions of experiences of communication beyond the normal senses.

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Where is the event located?

Wherever you are. It’s virtual, so you can access the interviews with our experts by calling in or through a free Internet webcast. Each interview will be available for 24 hours so you can listen in when you want not on any particular schedule.

Your time is now!

There’s absolutely no reason to keep wondering if your loved ones are there. The experts in the World Visionary Summit will show you how to know you are always surrounded by love, support, healing and light.

The event is happening NOVEMBER 12-16. We hope you’ll join us!

With love and blessings,

Cathleen and Elizabeth
Spiritual Living and the World Visionary Summit